Kerala Hill Stations

Kerala Hillstations Tours present yet another facet of God's Own Country. The high and rugged Western Ghats endow the state with a number of Hillstations, which unlike the rest of the state have a high rate of tourist influx during the summer months. 

If you seek to beat the heat or enjoy the cozy comfort of Nature or wish to trek on the woody mountain trails or I you are simply answering the "call of the mountains", get away to one of these beautiful chilly places in Kerala. The undulating paths, the rich variety of flora and fauna available, the beautiful gorges and valleys and the sparkling silver streams that skip and dance through the rocks, the settling clouds that one can walk through and the fresh plucked green tea, brewed hot- this is the irresistible lure of the land. Maps Of India is your guide in planning your unforgettable holiday in the mountainous retreats of Kerala

Idukki Tours

Spectacularly rich in natural beauty, Idukki is a veritable paradise of flora and fauna. Known for its spice and tea plantations, the raging rivers and the beautiful wildlife sanctuaries, Idukki is a pristine haunt for the city weary traveler. 

Munnar Tours

Munnar is as lovely and as beloved as the indigo "Neela Kurinji" blossoms that bloom in this region, once every 12 years. Most tourists favor Munnar and that is understandable given the panoramic views, the clean surroundings and the refreshing mountain pastures.

Ponmudi Tours

About an hour's drive from the state capital, Ponmudi is a quaint hill station at an altitude of 915 m from sea level. The gurgling mountain streams, the bloom of orchids and other mountain efflorescence and the rich spice plantations make a tour to Ponmudi therapeutic to both the body and soul.

Vagamon Tours

Vagamon, reveals itself at firs glimpse as a trekker's paradise. The various pilgrimage spots, the woody landscape and the mountain paths are all testimony that Vagamon is best viewed on foot. An increasingly popular tourist destination, Vagamon is a cultural hub in Kerala.

Vythiri Tours

Vythiri in Wayanad is known for its forested green landscape and is a treasure trove of tropical flora and fauna. The plantations, the breathtaking natural loveliness of the region and the charming mountain air give us the impression that no other place on earth can exude the essence of nature better than this rustic locale.

Rising high from the adjoining Arabian Sea, the Sahayadri or the Western Ghats endow Kerala with a unique topography which encompasses hill resorts and beaches; backwaters and forest terrains. Blessed are these Hill stations which house tea, coffee and spice plantations, a variety of plants and wild animals and serene mountain passes. Their beauty attracts tourist from all over the world.

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Kerala Beach Guide

Kerala beaches, surely the best in India and are an excellent alternative to to others in the country. Some deserted and others with plenty activities going on. Read ahead to find most suitable beach for you. The best times to hit Kerala beaches is from December to March. Not to mention the  offseason discounts during monsoon.


Looking for some action, find it at Kovalam beach one of the most popular  beach in Kerala.  Kovalam is located not far from the capital, Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram). It consists of  Hawa (also referred to as Eve's beach) and Lighthouse. Lighthouse being the busiest of the two, with open air restaurants. The nearby Samudra beach is a bit secluded if you prefer so.


The 10 kilometer long Cherai beach is located on Vypeen Island, which can be reached from Kochi by ferry and then a bus or auto rickshaw ride through the scenic villages. Recently modified it includes a new walkway. Experience the view of the beach and lagoon so close together and yes it's possible to stay at Cherai beach. 


Not far from Alleppey (Alapuzha) explore the quiet Marari beach. Also see the astonishing Marari Beach Resort. Enjoy the coconut groves and lotus ponds while there. Ayurveda treatments and yoga classes on the beach is another experience.Chose to stay in the close by luxury resort or opt for cheaper ones.


Enjoy the perfect ambiance, striking scenery here on Varkala beach. The beach lies at the bottom of a long stretch of cliff . You can stay right on the cliff, overlooking the ocean.


Located in far north Kerala and famous for its old and largest fort. Spend your time lavishly in the clean and unspoiled beach. 

House Boat Trip - Kumarakom

Hey folks

If you would like your boat trip to be more personalised and with added services please drop me an email at . Satisfaction and safety guaranteed.

For a change I thought of uploading some of my personal shots from a recent boat trip at Kumarakom. Well all house boat trips are indeed fun and fascinating, but my previous trip in Alleppey (Alapuzha) I would say was much better due to the natural beauty and stunning scenery. The most exciting part of the trip was fishing in the conventional way from the boat. Overnight stay was not that interesting as we could not use the deck after 10 PM. Some restrictions have been implemented in the past years but we were convinced by our crew that it was purely for tourist safety.

Enjoy the photos...more to come.....